Tired of Trying to Lose Weight and Gain Health... And Never Having Lasting Success?

Are You Tired of These Problems?

  • You're confused by all the diets out there, most of which conflict with each other.
  • You don't have much of any support at home and would like a supportive voice
  • You don't have a lot of time so you'd like to avoid having to read a bunch of books and watch videos.
  • You've tried many diets before and they never seemed to work for very long.

About the Author

Will lost over 35 pounds, lowered his cholesterol from ‘off the charts’ to 112 mg/dL and lowered his blood pressure from 145/85 down to 105/65 and even lower at times.

Will has interviewed many plant-based doctors and experts including Dr. McDougall (Starch Solution), Dr. Michael Greger (Nutrition Facts), Dr. Doug Lisle (The Pleasure Trap), Dr. Thomas Campbell (The China Study co-author), Dr. Alan Goldhamer (The Pleasure Trap).

Will has invested in countless books about plant-based diets, examined many nutrition studies and attended a trip with Dr. McDougall where he gave many seminars on healthy eating. Will has watched countless lectures about health eating. Will also has a Master's Degree in Science.

When You Invest in Coaching With Me...

You'll also get my Potato Strong Recipe Guide and Starch-Plus Diet Guide.  All the recipes I make every day (and thousands of other people) to get lean and healthy while eating tasty, filling meals. Plus all my best advice and troubleshooting tips.

You'll get access to my online Starch-Plus Diet course. A full blown online course with videos, downloads, comment section, quizzes and more.

You'll get access to my private Facebook support group. Ongoing support for any issues you have via a private Facebook group. A supportive community of people doing the same way of eating as you.

Worried it won't work for you? With the proper, easy to make recipes that I provide, along with the helpful advice, and one on one support along with online support group, ebooks and online course you greatly increase the odds that you will have success.

Here I am 2 years later at 50 pounds lighter!

"So, after gaining and losing between 30-60 pounds 3-4 times in my life, trying several fad diets, I decided I would commit 100% and try your crazy potato starch based plant based diet for 30 days. I was TOTALLY amazed! I lost 18 pounds, blood pressure and glucose dropped and I was never hungry and felt great!"

Gary K. – Florida.

But Can I Really Afford Coaching?

Worried about making the investment? Many people initially have this concern but after learning what foods to eat, they are usually able to save hundreds of dollars a month on their food bill, which is many thousands of dollars over a lifetime.

Save thousands of dollars on medications and surgeries. Many people don't realize how much they can save by reducing or eliminating medications. Even for those with coverage, many medical plans still include costly deductibles.

Things money can't buy. How much would you invest to live longer, spend more time with your family, have more energy to play with your kids, avoid being sick during your later years in life.

Shouldn't I Think It Over?

Procrastination. One of the biggest challenges in getting a lean, healthy is that we often put off decisions to get started NOW. We say we'll start Monday or we wait until the new year to make changes. Sadly we usually never get the results we want.

Try starting NOW. If you typically put things off or wait to think about things, why not try something different this time? They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over (dieting, procrastination) and expecting a different result!

Things money can't buy. How much would you invest to feel better, live longer, spend more time with your family, have more energy to play with your kids, and avoid being sick during your later years in life?

Get started with personalized COACHING now!

Let me help you with the one on one support that you deserve to start losing weight and getting healthy NOW!