Earn money when you refer people to buy my ebooks! I am offering a generous 50% commission for my Potato Strong Recipe Guide, The Starch-Plus Diet and the 2 ebook bundle. Ideally you would own these ebooks and be passionate about spreading the plant-based message.

In order to get credit for sales you refer please do the following:

1. Sign up to be an e-junkie affiliate (if you’re not already). It’s completely free. You will have to enter an activation code that will be emailed to you after registering (check junk mail folders).
affiliate sign up
2. Once you’ve activated your account click this link to join my affiliate program.
3. Select Potato Strong in the list of merchants (you may have other merchants in your list).
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4. Copy the HTML hop link provided for your website/emails (or just copy the URL without the HTML). Get the link to my ebooks page and promote them via your email list, YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The link will take your visitors to my ebooks page.
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Great ideas are to do a recipe video using one of my recipes from the guide, or share a food pic of my recipe on Instagram, Facebook or do a review of my Starch-Plus Diet book on YouTube, or talk about a topic from the book and link to my book or bundle. Don’t spam people but share my ebooks with people you know will love these products. Promote products you personally like and endorse, within the context of a blog post, email rather than putting a link in a sidebar.

If you want to use an image you can take them from the ebooks page. You can make images clickable by surround the image tag with an anchor tag (using your affiliate URL).

A good time to promote these ebooks is during a sale, often during a holiday like Black Friday, July 4, etc. If you notice I am offering a sale (being a subscriber to my Potato Strong email list) it is a great time to promote it to your following at the same time.

Due to the 30 day money back guarantee I offer I will be paying commissions at least 30 days later once you have over $50 in revenue due. So sales that occurred in May will be paid in early July to make sure only non-refunded sales are accounted for.

Good luck!