My Fav Things

I’m not a gadget guy but some things are definitely necessary when cooking. I’ve made due without some of the usual items (rice cooker, pressure cooker, food processor) but may get them in the future.

Vitamix – essential for tough blends, motor shuts off before overheating. I have a free shipping coupon code use this number when you order online 06-009705

Cuisinart 5-in-1 Indoor Grill/Griddle – great for cooking tortillas, pancakes, hashbrowns, panini sandwiches.

Magic Dessert Bullet – great for healthy ice cream made with frozen bananas. Yonanas should also be fine or use the Vitamix.

Mandoline slicer – I only use it for making thinly sliced potato chips. This one has the hand protector which is very important!

Top Chips trays – silicone trays for making crispy potato chips in the microwave. I stack ’em 2 high.

Non-stick silicone baking mats – used for baking fries and and other things instead of parchment paper

Tortilla Press – this one also cooks as it presses. Tricky with corn tortillas as the steam with make them split. Also tricky to get super thin.

Black and Decker All in One Breadmaker – I use this for pizza dough and banana bread. I’ve made jam in it as well.