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Weighted Chin Ups Demo – Plant-based Diet

I started doing bodyweight exercises back in October and decided to order the Stamina Power Tower from Amazon. I went from zero chin ups to over 12 for multiple sets. Now I can do chin ups and pull ups with added weight. Since I lost 27 lbs it gets easier to do more chin ups as well so the added weight helps. It’s a lightweight tower that was quick and easy to to put together with a few bolts and the included wrench. I really hate putting stuff together but this was a breeze.

The reason I like bodyweight exercises is that they use compound muscle groups, they are more fun than slugging barbells around and there is some research that shows it’s better to move your body through space than move an object towards you. A wider back also helps your shoulders looking wider and waist look smaller. As we age we tend to lose muscle so it’s nice to at least keep what we have!

In this video I demonstrate how I do chinups off of a Bowflex home gym which is not the purpose of the machine and could be dangerous if it breaks. The Stamina Power Tower also has dip handles and push up handles and won’t interfere with your legs. The Bowflex machine is a classic that they no longer sell so I’ve linked to a better one, plus the one we own quickly becomes inadequate as you gain strength.