Easy burritos vegan no oil

Easy Burritos

burrito recipe

You could use my taco mix recipe as well but this one is a bit easier and quicker. I don’t often measure things, just dump in rice and beans from my refrigerated batches.


* 1 cup of salsa (I like extra chunky hot salsa)
* Burrito spice package or 2 tbsp chili powder and 1 tsp cumin (or less if preferred). Add a tsp of chipotle powder if you like.
* 1 onion, diced
* 1 can of cooked black beans, drained and rinsed (1.5 cups of cooked beans)
* 2 cups cooked rice (any rice, I even used basmati in this case)
* Handful of fresh cilantro (if you like it, some don’t)
* Optional 1 cup of chopped tomatoes (any kind). A recent addition I love. Makes it like a Mexican rice.
* 2 Ezekiel sprouted whole grain tortillas
* Optional guacamole but oh so good! I make myself or sometimes by Wholly Guacamole in individual packs called minis (2 oz each). I put half a mini in each burrito.

* 2 tbsp salsa or more as topping for each burrito (I don’t measure)


Put diced onions in skillet and dry fry on high heat until the onions start to brown. Then add a little water and stir (just a few tablespoons should do). You should see a nice brown liquid, this makes the onions taste sweeter. Lower to medium heat then onions are soft add the the rest of the ingredients. Cook for about 10 minutes until everything is hot. I like to steam a couple tortillas to soften them and make them easier to wrap without breaking. You can also use the microwave covering the tortilla in damp paper towels above and below the tortilla before heating. Put some of the mixture on a tortilla and wrap.

Optionally grill the wraps to make crispy – I use my Cuisinart 5-1 indoor grill which is amazing. I grilled for about 5 minutes being sure not to burn them. Cut each burrito in half and top with salsa as you eat them.

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