New Ebook – The Starch-Plus Diet!

I’m excited to let you know that I’ve just launched a new ebook called The Starch-Plus Diet. I’m offering a special weekend launch discount of $5 off using this link between now and Sunday night.

It contains all my best advice on various topics from weight loss, hunger, portions, calories, snacking, cooking without oil, consistency, restaurants, travelling, social occasions that I’ve been asked over the last few years. I go through my weight loss results with a graph along with my cholesterol tests before and after, along with some recipes.

Also I provide options that allow you to optionally tweak things hence the term Starch-Plus!

If you haven’t purchased my recipe guide yet you can get both ebooks in a bundle for a discount here.

The Starch Plus Diet

Here is some of the Table of Contents:

table of contents, starch plus diet

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