Should We Blindly Accept New Health Claims?

When we see an article or video touting the benefit of being vegan we can often blindly accept it without doing any critical thinking. To summarize what I’m about to say, the devil is in details. Be a skeptic!

Dr. Greger recently did a video on how couch-potato vegans have better arteries than marathon runners. So then Jeff Nelson points out that in the study the vegans were ‘raw’, low saturated fat and low protein while the long distance runners ate the unhealthy SAD. Many vegans don’t eat this healthy but luckily we do if we follow McDougall, Esselstyn and others.

So I click on the study Jeff referenced and discover that Jeff fails to mention that the vegans were eating a high fat diet at 42.8% (+/-) thanks to the nuts, seeds and even olive oil! The study was referring to cancer risk. Jeff mentioned to me on Twitter that the low saturated fat may account for some of the benefits even though the diet had a higher fat content. So this would mean that people could eat much higher mono/polyunsaturated fat than Dr. McDougall and Dr. Esselstyn are advising (amongst others). I find these fats from nuts to be too addictive which would probably lead to weight gain for me.

These are doctors and registered dieticians leaving out vital information, so be sure to question everything and dig a little deeper.

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