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Easy Low Fat Vegan Tacos With Crunchy Corn Taco Shells

bean tacos with baked shells
How I make my quick low fat tacos including baked taco shells. I order the non-GMO corn tortillas from here http://www.latortilleria.ca/products/tortillas-1kg They ship worldwide and make them fresh, in case you can find any locally.


* 1 19 oz can of diced tomatoes, drain most liquid into another container
* Burrito spice package or 2 tbsp chili powder and 1 tbsp cumin (or less if preferred)
* 1 onion, diced
* 1 can of pinto beans (or black beans, etc)
* 2 cups frozen corn (I use sweet peaches and cream corn)
* 2 cups cooked rice
* 5 baked taco shells, or as many as desired
* 2 tbsp salsa or more as topping for each taco


Put frozen corn and onions in skillet with a little bit of the drained tomato liquid on medium heat. When onions are soft add the diced tomatoes, black beans and cooked rice with the spices. Make sure tomatoes are drained well and add any liquid as needed. Cook for about 15 minutes until everything is hot then add to the baked taco shells. Alternatively steam a couple corn tortillas and make burritos/wraps!


Mixture (enough for 2 days x 2 people)
19 oz can of diced tomatoes – 150 cals
1 can of black beans – 400 cals
2 cups corn – 200 cals (could use less corn and rice eg 1 cup)
2 cups rice – 400 cals
total = 1150 cals / 2 people / 2 days = 288 cals

5 taco shells – 5 x 50 cals = 250 cals
2 tbsp salsa x 5 tacos x 10 cals = 100 cals (conservative)

Grand total for one person eating 5 tacos = 350 + 288 = 638 cals