What I Eat Each Day

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 10.28.05 AMPeople regularly ask me how many calories and exactly what I eat. I don’t count calories. I focus on lower calorie dense foods like fruit, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and eat until I am satiated (for 3+ hours). Read The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall.

I put all the recipes on this site, categorized by breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals are pretty simple and I actually eat these every day. So many recipe books have complicated recipes and are very interesting and great looking (for selling new books of course) but for me, easy and simple is best. I eat the same basic 5 or so dinner meals every week.

Every morning I have the “Willy’s Big Bowl” of cereal without fail – very filling with rolled oats, banana milk, strawberries. I’ve estimated my breakfast cereal to be around 800 calories (see video link shows 574 calories, depending on how much cereal).

Mashed/quartered potatoes for lunch with gravy and a side vegetable OR veggie bean burger with side of baked fries. Sooo filling (potatoes).

Dinner is 5 tacos for about 638 calories (see taco video with calorie estimate) OR spinach/arugula salad and balsamic vinegar with whole wheat lentil ‘meat’ sauce pasta or salad with whole wheat veggie pizza, or lentil shepherd’s pie and gravy. Usually one plate of food is enough. I sometimes have a Coke Zero if the meal is hot and spicy. Again another habit I had when I needed to help myself feel full, but you can just drink water if you want. I’m trying to be honest about everything I eat and I don’t freak out about small amount of certain things.

I sometimes eat a grapefruit, orange or apple around 8pm – more for the taste then because I’m hungry, if I ate a good sized dinner that is filling. Sometimes I don’t eat enough for dinner (not enough starch) and I start to feel hungry within a couple hours so I remember to eat more next time!

I often post pictures of what I eat on Facebook. I know people will want detailed calorie counts and as much as I want people to focus on calorie density I know I may give in over time 🙂

If you are really serious or anxious to lose fat fast, watch the higher dense foods like flour and refined grains (bread, pasta). These carbs won’t necessarily turn to fat but they can provide a lot of energy lessening the need to burn fat. I still eat them a few times a week though. 🙂

I don’t eat many desserts (and suggest you don’t either) but on occasion I have made low fat pumpkin muffins, black bean brownies, etc- these things I am minimizing as the fat loss slowing down as I get a lower body fat percentage.

A discussion of calorie density you should check out.

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