Update: Raised Beds, Growing Bell Peppers and Cilantro in Containers

New update video on my seed trays with bell pepper plants, cilantro and getting ready for spring gardening!

Grocery Haul – Starch-Based Diet, Vermicelli Noodles, Thai Sauce

My latest grocery haul. Hope it helps!

Yummy Black Beans

I love this simple recipe. Nothing fancy is really needed, the beans taste so good!

stewed black beans

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Buckwheat Waffles

buckwheat waffles

buckwheat waffles


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Buckwheat pancakes vegan no oil

Buckwheat Pancakes

buckwheat pancakes


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Latest Grocery Haul – Potato Gnocchi and More

My latest grocery haul. Enjoy!

Crispy BBQ Wings with Corn Flake Crumbs

I found some corn flake crumbs in the store so I thought I would try them on my bbq cauliflower wings recipe. So crunchy good!

My Weight Loss/Health Transformation Story

I share my weight loss and health story to music in this short video. I hope it inspires you!

Planting Bell Pepper & Cilantro Seeds in Seed Trays

I planted some bell pepper seeds and cilantro in preparation for the spring so I thought I would show you what I did. It’s really quite simple and easy to grow veggies even in limited space, using containers.