Baked Taco Shells No Oil

Baked No Fat Taco Shells

baked taco shells


Are you tired of those cardboard-tasting taco shells you buy in the store, not to mention fattening and full of chemicals? Well now you can make your own tasty corn taco shells!

I buy yellow corn no fat tortillas from La Tortilleria in Toronto, Ontario. They ship worldwide if you can’t find these where you live. They’re made fresh and usually shipped on mondays in the hopes that you get it by friday so that they’re not sitting in the post office over the weekend. But even when this happens they still taste amazing. I order 8 batches of 30 and put some in the freezer and they still taste great, but will last 2 weeks in the fridge.

Put these tortillas over 2 oven rack bars or use a taco rack. Bake at 400F and watch carefully so they don’t burn. The upper rack works faster for me. If you don’t bake them enough they will have a partially crispy/chewy texture which i don’t like. Maybe take a test bite as they start to brown a little, somewhere around 10 minutes but it’s not advised to leave unattended.

No need to spray or coat in oil. Sweet! Great with my taco recipe.

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