Cabbage soup vegan no oil

Cabbage Soup

Bonnie’s recipe.


We make a huge pot of soup. Put all this in a pot and cook on high until it boils and let simmer for at least half an hour until potatoes/turnip are soft.

(Calories) Ingredients:
(156) 1/2 green cabbage
(100) 4 carrots
(410) 1 can 540 ml black beans
(600) 6 red potatoes
(108) 1 can 540 ml diced tomatoes
(40) 1 onion
(40) seasonings (1 tsp each garlic/onion powder, 1 tbsp vegetable stock powder)
(100) 1 turnip
(0) 4+ cups of water (fill up large pot to almost the top after adding other ingredients)
(54) 1 leek (great flavour and a recent addition)

Total 1608 calories

Per serving 130 calories it make about 12 one cup servings.

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