Rice and beans with baked nacho chips vegan no oil

Rice and Beans with Salsa and Tortillas – Plant-Based Tasty Filling Meal

black beans, rice, salsa, tortillas

2 cups of dry brown rice (cooked as per instructions but I now cook like pasta, drain and cover for 5 minutes to steam)
2 cans of black beans (drained and rinsed). Also see my black beans sauce recipe.
1 tsp cumin
Salsa (from jar, I use President’s Choice Extra Chunky Hot Salsa)
2 corn tortillas (I order mine from http://www.latortilleria.ca they ship to many countries)

Cook up the brown rice (bring to boil and let simmer for at least an hour) and add 2 cans of black beans, then store most of it in the fridge for leftovers. You can add a cup of frozen corn as well which is quick. On a plate add the rice/beans, a side of salsa and put the cumin on the rice/bean mixture.

For the tortillas there are many options. I bake mine in the oven or in the toaster. Great for nacho chips as well!

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