Using Accountability to Help You Lose Weight

Some people can start a plant-based diet and have success from day one. More commonly some fall off the wagon never to return to a healthy lifestyle. Yet some others jump from diet to diet and never really have success.

If you’re having problems losing or maintaining weight it can help to add some accountability. Accountability can help keep you on track. At work we have bosses and deadlines. At school we had teachers, assignments and deadlines. I’ve often used a teacher or coach to help keep me on track. Whenever I didn’t feel like practicing I would remember my upcoming guitar lesson and it would help keep me on track. Maybe find a friend that you can tell your plans to, share what you eat, tell them your weight, workout with, etc. Or you can start a YouTube channel and share your progress with world. Places like Weight Watchers provide this accountability with weigh-ins and group discussions, even though I don’t agree with their eating suggestions.

I’d like to offer a couple other options – one is that you could join my private Patreon community where you can feel free to post your progress – such as photos, what you’re eating, your weight – whatever you are comfortable sharing. This can help you stay on track and you commit to posting updates every week. Another option is to hire me for phone consults where you can update me on your progress and I can help with you work through problems. You could call once a week or once a month, it’s up to you. I talk about accountability in this YouTube video:


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